Thursday, July 14, 2011

book review : misery

i was thinking about a book review and how fun this could be to share. not so much about buy this book and why, but a basic peek into the pictures and a blurb about what it's about. since we have quite the collection of interesting kiddo books and i've been collecting books long before kids. i thought you may enjoy peeking into a few of them along side me. first up "Misery" which is filled with doodles and quotes of what make a child miserable. it's more a joke book, then a miserable book, but from the photos you'll see just what i mean.

Misery by Suzanne Heller ©1965
paperback re-released copy from


  1. cute! in a dark humor sorta way!

  2. This book is super cute and still kinda fits my adult life! Thanks for sharing :)
    ps I found you via FN blog.

  3. hahaha this is so funny! I want it! :)




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