Thursday, July 28, 2011

eating healthy : day 39


todays healthy lunch count - 32 / 39

besides todays pizza lunch, and mind you it was tasty, i've been doing great sticking to eating healthy lunches over here. for those of you who are just catching up i have a habit of snacking on chips, crackers, or the occasional sweets (brownies, cookies, candy, etc.) to fill the void between meals when when i'm hungry... bad, bad, bad, i know. so it was time to cut back on some of these things and eat a bit healthier. don't get me wrong, i do still have snacks but i've been trying to limit them and turning more to fruits and mixed nuts (walnuts are my fav) has been a huge help. i haven't shared any pics in a bit but i'm still happily eating my way to healthy and thought it was time for an update. salads have become routine. mixing and matching dressings and veggie combinations keeps them different and fresh. veggies (tomatoes pictured above & below) from our garden are so delicious right now and hard boiled eggs and omelets have also been a huge hit, not only with me, but the boy has taken to liking egg salad sandwiches too.


  1. Yum! I love fresh fruit, veggies and anything I can get out of my garden! I'm glad to see others are struggling to eat healthier too!

  2. This all looks yummy! Yay for eating healthy! :)

  3. Way to go! I've fallen into some bad eating habits lately. This is definitely an inspiration to get back on track!

    Oh, and that adorable little face peeking in the corner of the first photo is just too much!


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