Monday, July 18, 2011

mini collections : music makers


MINI COLLECTIONS SERIES (things which make noise)

Music is a huge part of our everyday routine. We listen to tunes throughout the day. The kiddos both love to dance. We play and make music with instruments or found objects about the house (fyi - toilet paper holders make good kazoo's, thanks mom!)  and occasionally Wyeth with even sing for us. Our collection today is a grouping of object which we use on a weekly basis. The poor striker (for the triangle, lost last week) is missing somewhere about our home, but a trusty spoon is gladly filling in. Sorry this post is a bit later in the day then initially intended, but entertaining 2 kiddos while the mister is outta town is a bit more work than planned for. We're all having fun though and Wyeth really has been loving using my other camera to help shot these photos. Hope you had a Happy Monday!

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  1. cuteness! and i love his tee!!! pip has it is pink!


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