Sunday, July 17, 2011

our weekend so far (7/17)

sewing a bunch for the show next weekend!

hey all hope your weekends going well. it's a bit busy over here and i was going to share a few pictures of what i mean, but i also wanted to pop in and say hello! and remind you all that today is the last day for the "100 followers giveaway" so make sure to link on over if this is something you'd like. in other news, i'll be spending the next few days with the kids alone, as the mister travels home for family arrangements, but i'm hoping all goes just as smoothly on our end here. of course i can handle the kiddos, but, by myself for 3 days, we've never been apart like this. all you moms out there who do this single mom thing on a full time basis, or you moms with husbands who travel for work, i have total respect for you and truly don't know how you do it. this should be a bit interesting though, to say the least. i have an extended weekend thru wednesday, so i'm excited to bond a bit more with my kiddos though! i snapped a few pics of our weekend so far but i have some fun stuff to share in more depth real soon. i'm working hard on a DIY bunting tutorial which should maybe be up tonight, fingers crossed! hope you're all having a great weekend! see ya soon :)

the misters building project, the messy dining room, bunting DIY


  1. I love that mushroom fabric. I made a little bag out of it a few weekends ago. It reminds me of the 70's.

  2. That little owl looks so cute :)
    I added your blog to my daily reads page!

  3. Super cute kiddos and the owl is fab!

  4. I can't wait to get something cute for my new nephew next weekend! New reader to your blog--super cute plushies.

  5. Whatever you're sewing looks so, so cute!


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