Saturday, July 09, 2011

photo booth fun

Greetings from Sillytown! Are you ready for a good laugh? Bahhh, hahaha! I know I was dying laughing at these after we took them. The boy really enjoyed playing in Photo Booth, which surprisingly I had never let him play with before. Not to sure why but if you couldn't already tell by his huge smiles he LOVE it! I wish you could have seen the actual silly faces and goofing around which was going on over here earlier today, but I'm sure the images can give you a good reenactment of it all. Hope you're all having a great weekend filled with a bit laughter and silliness too :)


  1. bahahahhahahha that looks so much fun, these crack me up!

  2. this is one of me and the boys favorite pass times! i am so happy that i am not the only one taking funny photo booth pictures.... hahahah

  3. Just got my MacBook pro tonight. Me, Ian and iz had some awesome funn! :))

    This is great... made me smile :]

  5. aw that's the best...when you get the super giggles going. what a cutie!


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