Friday, July 15, 2011

popo (the day of silence)

photo taken last visit home - june 2011

This was, is, really a hard post for me to write... and then decided to publish... but here we go...

So, yesterdays day of silence was in honor of my husband and his family. I posted this message (not to get attention or draw concerns) to let people know I wasn't intentionally ignoring their emails, messages, online chit chat or texts. I don't want people to think anything is wrong with us (me, the mister and our kiddos) because physically we're all ok. But under yesterdays circumstances, after receiving some rather sad news, and out of respect for my family, I needed a break...

My initial intent is never to bring negativity to the blog; because who wants to listen to constant woes (not me for sure!). But when some situations arise you may hear about them, because honestly, this is life, and sometimes I blog about general life. The basic challenges or issues of everyday can seem a bit rough for people from time to time and sometimes they should go ignored, but other times they can be addressed. I'm not talking about getting dumped by your boyfriend or how someone you know is annoying you; but the stuff which really hits home, like loss of pet, a terrible accident, or in this case, a loss of an exceptional family member.

So, a brief recap of what I was referring to yesterday, (though the full details I will not share, because they're more personal for my family) but so you know and don't have to wonder... my husbands Popo (grandfather) had passed away early yesterday morning, after being diagnosed with cancer. My husband is very close with both sets of grandparents, and in June we traveled home for the graduation, and Momo & Popo, was who we decided to stay with. I have not shared to any pictures from our trip home, though it was a fabulous trip, and we dearly miss our family, it was also a very emotional time for us, which we are still processing today.

Popo (1932 - 2011) was an amazing man, father, husband, grandfather and great grandfather. Someone who we truly admired, love, look up to and will deeply miss.

Momo (we know you're out there reading) we're thinking of you today and always, and we love you so so much. xo ben, sandi, wyeth & penelope

prom. high school sweethearts 1951                      US navy veteran circa 1950's 


  1. Wow Sandi, I am so sorry to hear this. I am extremely close to my 87 year old grandmother and I can't help but get a little choked up thinking about her passing or anyone experiencing that kind of loss. My condolensces sincerely to you, your husband and family!

  2. oh Sandi, I'm so sorry to read this. please know that I'm keeping you and your sweet family in my thoughts. ♥

  3. My heart goest to you and your family...♥

  4. sandi,
    thank you so much for posting something. i wish you were thinking about you guys so much. continue to stay strong.
    all my love,

  5. Moment of silence... respected & honored!
    Sending prayers <3

  6. my deepest condolences to you and your family, but may this time of grief pull your family even closer together.

  7. Aw, that prom picture is my new favorite picture ever!!!

  8. it's not easy to post something like this, I'm sure. Our hearts are with you <3. So sorry for your loss. XO

  9. I'm finally getting caught up on reading through blog posts since being away last week, and I just wanted to offer my belated condolences. Just remember the happy times you all had together, and continue to support one another with a lot of love. Sounds like Popo was a really great guy!

    But I totally hear you about not wanting to post anything negative. It's something I've really struggled with a couple of times recently, and you're right -- sometimes, life gets rough, and our blogs are about our lives. For me, writing out my experiences was a great way to help the healing process, and our little community offered a lot of support.

    I'm here if you need me!

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. Virtual hugs in this hard time.

  11. Don't know how I missed this when you posted it - Love the pictures of all of you at the top and the ones below of momo and popo from way back are priceless! Popo was truly a great man and will be missed by everyone he came into contact with


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