Sunday, July 03, 2011

the shower & giveaway winner!

how cute is she!  SIL, 7 months. taken by me in our yard.

Happy Sunday!!! Well it's been crazy over here lately and I wanted to say I've been a bit distant from my blog, twitter and any social network from Friday night till possibly tomorrow but let me quickly explain. Long story short, there was some back and forth issues with a shower for my SIL which I initially wanted to throw, but there was push back from her fam and I was told no. So then as the shower approached (it's today) and I found nothing had been done, I was put on last minute shower host duty, what!?! yes i planned a shower in 2 weeks, its been crazy and not going as smoothly as i hoped. i'll share pictures soon! some are on twitter via instagram if you do a bit of poking around you'll find 'em. Friday, my husband and I were suppose to appear in court (over someone harassing us and our kiddos. ridiculousness!) this was resolved but added a headache to the mix. then yesterday we had our neighbors (kiddo age 3) pirate bday party, a lot of fun! and now today is the shower mentioned. the mister and i were up till 4AM prepping stuff. i'm sleepy and drained. up at 7AM with the boy (the little lady's still sleeping, how nice, i wanna sleep now) and ready to start our day. i am still here though and wanting to blog and chat but cut a bit short on time for this busy weekend. so i wanted to explain it all just incase you saw me say hi on twitter but not over here. i hope you're all doing well and have a Happy 4th of July!!! I also need to share our Happy Summer Giveaway winner, so without further ado your winner....

i wanted to say thank you all who entered, I really appreciate it. And Karen if you could email me your contact info at adalou1 [at] that would be fabulous!


  1. Gosh, that sounds like a big headache of a week. I'm sure your SIL appreciated the shower and though it was perfect!

  2. Oh!! thanks so much for your generous giveaway!! I will send you my info! Have a blessed 4th!


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