Sunday, July 31, 2011


purse    ||    pendant 

i loved birds and i'm always on the hunt for bird related products...but how awesome are these two sparrow pieces! that pattern on the little purse is too cute, and i just love the clean graphic feel. and then the pendant with it's hints of turquoise atop of a gold background is oh so lovely too. swoon!!!


  1. I love that pendant! My favorite color is teal and I love birds so that's pretty perfect for me! I do wish it came in silver rather than gold though, oh well!

    Cassie // Coffee & Chopsticks

  2. very pretty! i love birds too and those are great finds! my blue bird print arrived yesterday and i am in love with Oana's illustrations

  3. I love the Sparrow print! I might just have to buy it!

  4. Hehe I like birds Too. Have you seen the Portlandia skit, "Put a bird on it!"? Hilarious :)

  5. whoa! you always find the best stuff :) love that purse!

  6. Oh, sweet. i really like the pendant too. I always thought that if I got a tattoo, I'd get a traditional sparrow design. so pretty.


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