Tuesday, July 05, 2011

take ten tuesdays : tattoos

so i've been on a tattoo kick lately. i so want a tattoo but i'm still undecided about what. something simple. yet impactful. i want to design one myself, so i know it will be one of a kinda and unique to me. i've been searching for inspiration and wanted to share some of these lovely finds. do you have a tattoo you want to share? i've love to hear some background history or info around your piece. happy take 10 tuesday! enjoy!

{1} Katie {2} David Hale {3} Fox {4} Feet * {5} Dino Origami {6} Sewing Tape Measure
{7}Where the Wild Things Are {8} Bird {9} Ampersand {10} Legs *

* Links to these sources have un proper credit. Please share with me a sources if you know of one.


  1. :))) I want one....
    Perhaps you can design one for me someday.

  2. ooooh i love all those. i'm always trying to think of new ones to get!

  3. Lovely collection! Thanks for featuring me :-)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. i love the artist brian froud. he draws the most amazing fairies. my tattoo artist did an inking of two of froud's fairies against a forest scene, one leaping over a mushroom and another strumming a banjo under it, on my lower back. in my younger days, i wanted to extend the tattoo into a full back, with more fairy musicians (think with maracas shakers and a drum set) but i think i grew up and mellowed out haha!

  6. love this post and tattoo collage! I have quite the case of tattoo fever right now too, I'm thinking I'll be committing to one fairly soon I hope! Good luck with picking and designing one, that's the hardest part. I'm excited to see what you get though :)


  7. Popping over from Freckled Nest! I love so many of the tattoos you included in this post. Especially the measuring tape bow!



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