Friday, July 29, 2011

try a little kindness : church yard sale


oh swoooon! i about feel over when i found this vintage crewel! eck!!!

when i moved to the midwest i was a bit confused at the thought of people having yard sales on thursday mornings thru saturdays but after attending a few of these sales, it all started to make more sense... they do it this way to draw in the older senior citizens which could get out early on theses day. when most others, myself included, and the average worker would be busy and not able to attend just yet. how sneaky! i know! but this is totally why they do it. because the older people spend more i've noticed. sorry if you're older than 65+ reading this post but some of them are a bit pushy too, and i'm not to sure why but they are. needless to say i went yesterday morning to a church yard sale and it was nuts! NUTS i tell you! i was probably the only one there under 65 that was out shopping the basement section of a church at 830AM. it was packed beyond belief, seriously like 200+ people but i was still able to find a few fabulous finds. the sale is a few more days so i may go back to hunt a bit more in depth but a few finds pictures above and below.

vintage - sheets, mugs, napkins, tupperware containers (4 inside that one) & frame


  1. score! you got some really great stuff there! Oddly enough, I think my favorite is the tupperware set!

  2. Great finds!!
    I just love yard sales! I hit a few this morning.. altho they weren't as good as they usually are on Fridays. But that's ok. There'a always next week!!

  3. great find! i've been wanting one of those "TALK" pieces for a long time!

  4. try a little kindness is probably the best score i have ever seen! and i have those same napkins!

  5. In our mountain town yard sales are usually Friday and Saturday. It's surprising to me how many folks go on Friday and I've often met other at home moms this way.

  6. I've been on the prowl for that TALK crewel. So pretty! :)

  7. Oh wow! I've always wanted to find one of those TALK pieces! I just love the colours! I host a little thrifty finds link up over at my blog, if you would ever like to join in. It seems you love thifting just as much as I do!
    Sophie x

  8. love your blog! so cute... and you're so creative. i just followed you on pinterest, twitter and google... and i was wondering if you wanted to swap buttons... please let me know. :) cheers!


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