Monday, July 11, 2011

weekend in pictures // july

a weekend in pictures and a few words to sum it all up. so friday after work i stopped by bon bon, which i just love their shop. so full of energy and plenty of pretty fabrics! the boy and i did a small outing and stop at sheridans for some mint ice cream and worms. we played on photo booth, which was a hoot! enjoyed side walk chalk. mailed a few gifts plus received our special W mug, ordered from jenny's shop! the mister taught the boy how to change to oil on the car and how to properly stain wood. it was 99 degrees and super humid here, so we splashed in the kiddie pool. we shot pictures of our mini collection for mondays, please check back later today if you have time. we ate pretty healthy. worked in the garden. and i worked on artwork for my show, plus a DIY banner which i'll be sharing very soon. hope your weekend was filled with fun!

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  1. Guh, I miss the days when I could fit in a kiddie pool! That mint ice cream is looking pretty good right now :)


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