Tuesday, August 16, 2011

chateau avalon at the legends, kansas


On Friday we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary and for the special day the mister had the whole weekend planned out. I was asked if I wouldn't mind taking a 1/2 day on Friday (of course I wouldn't mind) so I did and then headed home to find out we needed to pack an over night bag cause we were heading to the Legends, to enjoy a mini stay-cation at the Chateau Avalon! We also enjoyed dinner, drinks and dessert at Yardhouse, a few movies, Captain America - which was great and Rise of the Planet of the Apes which was enjoyable too! And after all of this we headed back to the hotel for a little R&R. For those of you who have not heard of the Chateau Avalon, well it's a themed hotel! Kinda silly but all in all very fun! We have stayed here once before, in the Serengeti which we loved but this time we ventured into Castaway Isle. The hotel is actually a fabulous hotel but this stay was a bit beyond the norm... since around 11PM when returning from the movies we discovered the water pressure for the tub/shower was off, meaning the water was dripping out (like I could spit more water than the spigot was dripping, ha!). Since we thought this was kinda odd, the mister went to ask the front desk and they said "when a lot of people fill their tubs the pressure can be off for a bit". So we left it on for over and hour and it was, maybe and inch full. Now after asking again about the water pressure and being disappointed and slightly annoyed the mister took it upon himself to fill the tub. Here comes the funny but crazy part... so then we proceeded to fill the tub with buckets (ice buckets, a trash can, and cups) of water from the sink (which the pressure was fine) to the tub. It took, all in all, 60+ trips back and forth but we did it! The next day the front desk called and asked if the water was ok and we told them no, so the maintenance came and sure enough the water was busted, so our trip was slightly refunded for the headache... but... it still so enjoyable and we surely had a great laugh! The next day we went to FarmAid for 12 hour, I'll update that in another post!

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