Wednesday, August 24, 2011

day dreaming


wyeth, izzy (my SIL) and i went to a kiddo party this past weekend. it was a carnival themed party for a friends 4 year old son, and boy oh boy was it so much fun! another friend who was snapping photos of the event gave me this picture today of wyeth. he's a quiet kid, a day dreamer and he just loves to observe and take in everything around him. i love this snapshot of him taking in the sights, what a handsome little guy! & thank you amy for the photo!


  1. He looks just like you! Such a sweet photograph.

    xo, rv

  2. i love this picture sandi!!! he is a thinker for sure. you have a genious in the making ( i am positive) hug him from me please? i dont want him to forget who i am! love to ben and penny and YOU as well <3

  3. Gorgeous.picture, he is beautiful!


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