Sunday, August 07, 2011

friday finds & a peek into penny's corner


well friday was another first fridays here in kc, and oh how i love going out on this day! i joined my faithful pals out on the search for hidden treasures. i always looked forward to these day and i'm always so lucky with the finds. the mister and i recently discussed how penny's room is a modge podge of hand me down furniture and random pieces and that we needed to re-look at it. her room was never really decorated as a nursery. sure we painted and tried to make it cute an all but it wasn't really anything special being a second baby and all (sorry penny you got a bit of a shorter straw) but none the less it was still kinda cute, ok maybe not really... but now as she's getting older i've been adding pieces here and there along the way and trying to make it a bit more special. so below you'll see a few sneak peeks into her room. the green piece of furniture was scored this weekend, and i was so, SO happy to have found it, it's just perfect for her space. the large wall "P" was finally hung (found months back at a previous first fridays) and the picture above i was lucky enough to find 3 vintage curtains (for her room, yah!), some cool vintage party invites from the 70's and some playing cards to add to my ever growing collections! i was recently thinking about my shop and how i fill it with things i love but maybe it would be fun to fill it with what you love... so are you looking for something special? maybe and item i can help you hunt for when i'm out? if so email me, i'd love to help you search!


  1. What a great dresser!!! Especially for a child's room! Nice find! I need to find something exactly like that, but for my "craft space" Did you paint it, or did you find it like that?

    Isn't it nice when a room starts coming together? I love the "P" as well! :)

  2. Thanks Wallie! The dresser was painted green already and it actually looked like 2 separate pieces from a medical office. But in a craft space this would be an awesome piece for storage.

  3. I found you through your guest post at my girl thursday, your blog is lovely!
    And my name is Sandi too!

  4. let me know if you're selling those curtains, they look like something i NEED.

    harry's room was/is a hodge podge of things that i thrifted as well and i find it's one of my fave rooms in the house now. the morphing of Tova's move there is pretty funny as well.

  5. thanks drew!

    the ponycats (sandi) thanks for swinging by, i appreciate it :)

    lishy we're gonna see if they will work in her room but if not you're the first on the list to contact ;)

    oana thanks sweet lady! :)

  6. Love the green dresser, what a great find! Such a happy room :)

    ~ Erin P (blogger wouldn't let me log in...)


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