Saturday, August 27, 2011

hand embroideries...


...for the shop!

last summer, i was asked to feature my hand embroideries for an all girls show titled "xx chromosome" at a local gallery. i really love creating unique hand embroiders but don't do it to often. i love the overall effect i've created from intertwining my illustrations with this technique of embroidery and i really loved the outcome of these pieces as they transformed from simple doodles (pictured bottom) to more of a finished piece of work. i had donated one piece from this show for a charity a few months back, but the others have been in my possession for a bit to long. since i have had a few personal inquiries asking about them, after careful consideration (i have had a hard time part with artwork) i've decided it's time for me to let go of them, so they can be enjoyed elsewhere. so, the 4 below will be traveling to the shop in hopes of a new forever home. i heart embroidery! do you enjoy needlework (embroidery, quilting, cross stitching, knitting, etc.) too?

 pictured above top - Sprig, middle - Lips & Dandelion, bottom - Eyes
all 4 pictured above will be in the shop by this Sunday the 28th!

pictured below - The Fallen Forsythia (sorry not for sale)


  1. They are really awesome! i like the dandelion the best xx

  2. You are quite the talented embroider-er! What type of fabric are you stitching on?

  3. thanks made by my rabbit! and erin i am actually using a vintage medium/heavy weight brown colored fabric. it has slight dimples (almost like cross stitching fabric) to it which i love! i bleached sections of it to remove small stains so some of the pieces are a shade or two lighter due to this.

  4. love these!!!! gorgeous!

  5. I absolutely LOVE THESE!! Gorgeous!!


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