Monday, August 01, 2011

mini collections : fire engines



This boy loves all types of vehicles. Cars, trucks, working machines, you name it and we probably have one... or two... or maybe even three of something. These fire engine related pieces have a bit of something special behind each of them. The tiny one, top left and the fire department house were the misters (micro machines circa 1980's) as a child. Top middle and yellow bottom left were given by the mister to the boy on separate occasions for well behavior. The middle larger ladder truck was from miss p to wyeth one xmas and the bottom middle truck was a gift from penny the day she was born for her new big brother. A nice to meet, I'm the new baby type of gift. Oh and we can't forget the top right, all time fav, RED from Pixar Cars which was sought high and low for (and asked for for 6 months) and then finally ordered online for a special xmas gift from the mister and myself. That pretty much sums up our rather large collection of fire engines. We hope you enjoy them. Happy new week! Happy August 1st! Happy Monday evening!

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