Monday, August 15, 2011

mini collections : play tools

Hey! Happy Monday! Hope you're weekend was awesome! I have a few photo updates and a silly story from our busy weekend, which I'll get to later this week but are you ready for a new mini collection? Yes! Awesome! So here you have it....


Like most boys, our little guy loves to play with tools. He's actually very skilled with using real tools, due to the mister lets him explore and try them out for himself (supervised this is though) but none the less he still has a set or two of his own for fixing things about our home. So I've been told that weekly we seem to have broken chair legs, an uneven floor or wall, broken bed or something else, but the tools are then grabbed, repairs made, and all is fixed like new! What a great little helper I have. Maybe he'll be a carpenter someday! A few snapshots below to share how enjoyable shooting photos with a 3 year old can be! For this shot I was informed that his feet were looking neat so he took a bunch of photos to show me what he meant. Enjoy! xo s & w

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