Tuesday, August 30, 2011

recipes from mom


it's no surprise that i LOVE my moms cooking! she's a fabulous cook and loves making sweet treats which we all surely enjoy! being so far from family (1000+ miles away) really makes it hard for me to enjoy her tasty cooking, though when she comes to visit she's always whipping up something new for us to try. she called me a few nights ago and told me that she turned her homemade peanut butter cookies into ice cream sandwiches. which i was eager to know more and pretty much craving them at this point. they're super simple and fairly quick to make. i haven't had one yet but i grew up on these cookies so i can only imaging what adding ice cream to them would taste like. hope you enjoy the recipes! so who's now hungry for ice cream sandwich this morning? because i surely am!

thank you so much mom for an awesome recipe! we miss ya (and your cooking too!) :)

16oz Jar of Creamy Peanut butter
2 Cups of Sugar
2 Eggs

Mix all ingredients together in large bowl.
Scoop 1 Tablespoon of mix and form small balls. 
Arrange on cookie tray 2-3" apart from each other.
With a fork press down on cookie mixture horizontal, then vertical (see above images).
Bake at 350 for 7 minutes until golden. 
Baking Note: If your oven cooks high then cook less. You really need to watch these cookies when baking because they cook fast and if burnt they pretty much tastes terrible.
Remove promptly from tray & place on cooling rack, or fridge.

** For the ice cream sandwiches then follow the steps numbered out above.


  1. Oh my gosh! YUM! I'm coming over to your house for an after dinner treat.

    xo, rv


  2. Yummy! Can I have some please? :)

  3. yyyyyyyyyyum! i am so totally making those this weekend.

  4. Getting my sister to copy adn try this stat!


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