Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thank you AUGUST sponsors!

Hope you all had time to meet the wonderful AUGUST sponsors. If you have yet to swing by and say hello at either their shops, blogs, twitters, etc. I would say you surely should, you probably don't know what you're missing out on. I really loved helping support these lovely people and meeting a few new friends along the way. Can you believe tomorrows September!?! I have a lot of exciting stuff to share for this month, as I consider September our "Lucky Month" and I can't wait to soon jump into fall. There's a giveaway you'll hopefully love (starting this Friday), a few guest posts by friends, an interview tomorrow (you'll have to swing by to meet the special lady) and as always, inspiration, collections and a few special updates. So thank you yet again August sponsors for your support and friendships, I so appreciate it! And see ya tomorrow! xo :)s

   KAYCIE   -   Blog   ||   Twitter

    CAITLIN   -   Blog   ||   Twitter

    MIRANDA   -   Blog   ||   Twitter

    EMILY    -   Etsy   ||   Twitter

    MIRANDA   -   Etsy   ||   Twitter

 BRYAN   -   Site   ||   Twitter

 STACEY  -   Shop   ||   Twitter

 RAE  -   Blog   ||   Twitter

JAMES & AMY  -   Blog   ||   Twitter


JENNIFER   -   Site   ||   Flickr

KRYSTIN   -   Site   ||   Twitter

CITLALLI   -   Site   ||   Shop

AMY   -   Site   ||   Shop

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