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Well I've been tagged to share "11 Things" and I'm sure you've seen a handful of these surveys already around but here's one more to add to the mix. Thanks so much Maria and Kelly Christine for tagging me. And I have a double list of questions below so sorry if this post seems a bit long. Enjoy!
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

11 Random Things About Me...

1.) I can fold my tongue to make a 3 leaf clover. Kinda a random fact, right :)

2.) I'm a collector of many things. My largest collection is over 500+ Pez dispensers. Can you imagine how much candy I've eaten, ha!

3.) I cried like a baby when my bf (now husband) in college was trying to teach me how to drive his standard truck. I was sure I've never get it and wanted to give up on multiple occasions but guess what I finally figured it out!

4.) I love playing games! Scrabble, Muppets Uno, Cribbage, and Rummikub are right up there as a few of my top favorites.

5.) I grew up kinda tomboyish. I hated dresses and skirts, but would happily ware a button down shirts and tie to church instead. Sometime in college it clicked and I actually started enjoying dressing up a bit more.

6.) I had heart surgery in '98 for an ASD repair which left me with a tiny clamshell shaped piece of metal and spring in my heart. My heart is now kicking stronger than ever though ;)

7.) I love hot tea. Even in the hot summer months I always enjoy a hot cup of tea. I think it's something to do with I'm always freezing.

8.) I've shaved my head completely bald, by my own choice and I actually liked it. I did get a few stares and questions if I was sick at the time and have considered lately of doing this again.

9.) I loath Pickles... the smell along makes me wanna gag.

10.) My family use to raised sheep and I was so excited when my sheep/ram Fire (Yes his name was Fire, I was a little kid when I named him) won a blue ribbon in the local farmers fair (4H). I thought I was the coolest.

11.) I love to swim and dearly miss living by the ocean.

The 11 questions from Maria...

1.) How do you keep yourself motivated?
I find doodling/sketching to be a good way for me to creative and stay motivate. Even if it's doodling letters or lines and not anything in particular at all. I find that putting a pencil to paper is also a good way to relieve stress.

2.) Who is your biggest support?
My husband is my biggest cheerleader. He's always offering help, advice or even just an ear to listen.

3.) Did you have a favorite book growing up?
I honestly had never been a huge fan of reading as a kid. But a book I read a few times and own a couple copies of is Catcher in the Rye.

4.) What is your fondest memory?
Going camping with my family. Every summer for the 4 of July weekend my parents (and a few other families/friends/kids) would rent a spot at a local start park and camp for a week. We (our family of 5) would camped in a tent, (eventually we migrated to a small pop-up camper) but we would bike, fish, cook food over a camp fire and enjoy nights with friends, music and smores. Being outdoors is something I've always loved doing and I hope to do some fun camping trips with our kiddos someday real soon.

5.) What is a must-do in your daily life?
Hug, kiss and tell my family I love them. I feel so grateful to have them in my life and I constantly reminded myself to show and tell them that I care.

6.) Who is your best friend and why?
This one would be my husband again. We've been together going on 12 years now, so been thru a lot. We've moved across the US over half a dozen times and he's always been there when I need him. He's a great friend who I've never had to impress and I can always be myself with.

7.) Where do you want to be in 5 years?
I would love to be working from home freelancing and spending more time with my family. It's a long term goal which will hopefully happen sooner than later. I'd also love to be doing more artwork and of course continuing to blog.

8.) What is your favorite food?
Baked French Toast! I love breakfast foods and all of them are great but my mom makes the best baked french toast I've ever had, which I now make for my family. It's probably the best stuff ever though it's loaded with sugar and topped with extra powdered sugar and syrup.

9.) What is your profession?
I am a illustrator by degree and designer my job. I work at Hallmark Cards designing greeting cards. You can read more about that here.

10.) What is one thing you can't live without?
My camera. We take photos daily of the general life, my family, things that are going on, pretty pictures or things we are inspired by. I love documenting by photography and I won't even tell you how full our computer is of photos. It's probably unhealthy how many photos we have but I enjoy catching every photo while we can.

11.) Best thing you've ever eaten was? I have a sweet tooth and the mister and I use to be fond of a dessert at the Olive Garden called the Chocolate Lasagna. We would go there and just order the dessert by itself as it was pretty much a meal in itself. It was a triple layered chocolate cake but they have since stopped making it. Boohoo.

11 Questions from Kelly Christine...

1.) What is your dream job? I really wanted to work with dolphins, I love being around animals and as a child I wanted to be a marine biologist.

2.) If you had to throw away every book you own EXCEPT ONE which one would you keep and why? Wow tough call, I would probably be cheesy and keep an Almanac though. I think I'd be able to continue learning about the things I was interested in, weather, dates of importance, when to plant my garden, ec.

3.) What is your favorite throwback song? Starship's : We Built This City!

4.) Would you rather your parachute not open while skydiving or your house be completely burned down? Well I'm hoping I was not in my home, but I think I'd rather have my home burnt down. I love our home but I could always rebuild a dream home elsewhere.

5.) How long have you been blogging? A year this past February.

6.) Where do you see yourself in 20 years? Maybe, just maybe, retired early and enjoying some vacation trips with my family. I would love to travel Europe with the mister but it probably won't be until much later in life.

7.) What was the very best day of your life?
Meeting our son (and our daughter, she's quite amazing too) who was first baby. It was an awesome day when we finally were able to say hello and celebrate in excitement our new little family member.

8.) If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
I think it would have to be baked Macaroni and Cheese.

9.) What’s the one thing in this world you could totally live without? Don't tell the mister but probably our television. You can find everything online now a days and I would gladly get rid of the huge TV which hangs on our family room wall.

10.) What’s the one thing you couldn’t live without? Again, my camera. Noted in depth above #10.

11. What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Frog legs. I was at a childhood friends home for dinner I didn't really know what I was eating. They told us after the meal was over what we ate. I remember making a gagging sounds after I found out and every time my friend wanted me to join them for dinner after this I would pass. Ha!

11 Questions for the people I'm tagging... 
I'm Tagging : Anna Z, Cailtin, Nicole, MandyViolet

If you've already done this or would love to join in feel free to. Link me to your questions below in the comment window so I can read all about you too.

1.) What is your favorite sweet treat?
2.) If money wasn't an option where would your top vacation destination be?
3.) Which shoe do you put on first your left or your right?
4.) What are a few current TV shows you love watching?
5.) If you could have any job in the world what would it be?
6.) What is your most treasured possession?
7.) What would I currently find in your purse?
8.) In 5 years from now where would you like to be? (stealing this one from maria)
9.) What's your favorite animal?
10.) The last yummy meal you enjoyed was?
11.) Happiness for me is?


  1. I already did an 11 post, but I want to answer your questions! So here they are:

    1.) What is your favorite sweet treat? Nutella lava cookies and Cadbury Cream Eggs...yum!

    2.) If money wasn't an option where would your top vacation destination be? My own private tropical island out near Fiji or something. Or maybe New Zealand or Australia.

    3.) Which shoe do you put on first your left or your right? Left! Never thought about it before, hehe.

    4.) What are a few current TV shows you love watching? Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Inkmasters, Face Off

    5.) If you could have any job in the world what would it be? Tattoo artist. Unfortunately I am awful, awful, awful at drawing so this will never come to fruition (you're welcome, world).

    6.) What is your most treasured possession? Probably my second engagement ring (the first I was allergic to)

    7.) What would I currently find in your purse? Chapstick, my wallet, my keys, and my winter hat.

    8.) In 5 years from now where would you like to be? (stealing this one from maria) Hmm, I guess living wherever fits best for us, maybe having a few kids and hopefully still working.

    9.) What's your favorite animal? I guess dogs. :)

    10.) The last yummy meal you enjoyed was? Rob made me gluten-free baked chicken tenders, they were yummy as hell.

    11.) Happiness for me is? Feeling secure and loved and awesome.

  2. YES! Love this. And my friend shaved her head two years ago just becuase she wanted to see what it would be like. I LOVE you ladies for doing that and I'd totally condone doing it again. That's pretty awesome. Love you!

  3. i wanted to be a marine biologist/veterinarian too when i was little! for maybe a week. then realized how much of a sap i am when it comes to animals in need lol! didn't last long. love your answers! PS-your job looks so cool :P i'm jelly.


  4. "I can fold my tongue to make a 3 leaf clover." LOL - that is completely random :o)

  5. Hey-o! Finally finished:)

    I totally admire that you shaved your head! (pics??) I've long wanted to do that! Have you shared that baked french toast recipe before? I definitely want to try it! Thanks for the tag!


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