Wednesday, March 28, 2012



There are a lot of great DIY projects out there and I wanted to share 4  I'm currently obsessing over...
1. These hand painted sticks (driftwood) by Ren Ariel Sano are spectacular! ** 2. I've been obsessed over a pair of tights similar on the Modcloth website but they have since sold out months ago. I started hunting about and came across this amazing tutorial on 3191 Miles Apart on how to make your own. Boy oh Boy! I surely know what I'm doing this weekend! 3. I saw a tutorial around Valentines day how to make similar scratch tickets for your sweetie. At that point I just wasn't to sure what I'd do with them. Well Kaylah worked her magic and now this scratch ticket idea is making me badly want to make some tickets for a craft show I have right around the corner. What a great idea! 4. These coasters are so lovely. I love the clean lines and geometric shapes which Abby shared on her coaster DIY. Well I hope you enjoy these links. What DIY's are you loving lately?

** Number 1. Missing Images - I found this tutorial last year and had it bookmarked on my personal computer to blog about. Just getting around to sharing it now and either way her beautiful photos are now gone. Though the images on her blog are now missing the typed out tutorial is still there. Maybe she'll post the photos again some day.


  1. I think I'm going to go collect some driftwood from the creek/forest by my house and paint some! I love the look of that...

  2. Love all of these but especially the handpainted sticks. Babiekins magazine had a fabulous shoot recently littered with them and I'm determined to tackle that DIY project next!


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