Monday, March 19, 2012



Oh what a weekend. It was busy, busy, busy. I feel like it flew by in a flash and now we're back onto Monday and trying to play catch up with everything else. How is it mid-March already? I thought we just started March but it's now more than half way over. Our weekend went by to fast. We played outdoors tons, since the weather was so lovely. Took a trip to the park, out to eat and to visit the in-laws. Enjoyed a surprise from a leprechaun... the mister cut out a bunch of foot prints and had them walking all over the house. We told the boy that a leprechaun must have slipped into our home and left a mess of prints and a small bowl of gold. What sneaky people we are. Now we have a toddler who is wondering where the end of the rainbow is and how he can catch the leprechaun to get his 3 wishes, ha!  We enjoyed some tasty green pancakes to top off the morning. We did a bit of cleaning and organizing. During this all the kids enjoyed playing "Mom's shoe store" as the boy calls it. This is where we take all moms shoes out and then try them all on. They also nicely put them away, what great kiddos! I'm slowly moving things back into the kitchen and getting everything in it's spot. It's going to be a process setting up a new kitchen, as the layout is so different from what we've had for the last 6 years, but we're so happy with now having more storage! The boy also needed a haircut and wow does he look older. What happened to my little baby? I hope you all had a great holiday weekend. The mini collection will pick up next week but please stop back in a bit as I have a special giveaway for you today. Happy Monday!
p.s. for those of you who missed it yesterday I have a shop update today at 10AM CST ;)

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