Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Do you know of Rebecca from the blog Manzanita. Surely you do. If you don't you need to pop on over to her blog and say hello and I would encourage you to subscribe to it while you're at it cause this lovely lady is so multi-talented it just amazes me. She paints, blogs, dresses oh so cute and is a the crochet queen in my opinion. Yesterday I was in awe as she announced a new creation for her shop, "The Sandi Socks" which are these beautifully hand crocheted scalloped edge socks (photo above). They are fabulous! And I am so truly honored to have one of her creations named after me. It seriously made my day and I couldn't be more thankful for this so thank you Rebecca, you are so talented! Keep up the awesome work you crafty lady you ;) Make sure to check out her Etsy Shop too. She has some fabulous hair accessories, bows, scarves and more.

All images courtesy of Rebecca // Manzanita


  1. I'm in love with those socks! Rebecca is oh so talented! xo, rv


  2. Such a sweet and thoughtful tribute!

  3. Those socks are just gorgeous! I agree she must be the crochet queen.


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