Sunday, March 18, 2012



For those of you who are oh so curious why my shop hasn't been updated in like forever... well I promised I was doodling more, and I surely am. I've been working closely with a vendor who is helping me bring a few of my pieces to life. I had hand cut a few wood pieces a bit back and though I would love to continue hand cutting more of them it's a honestly a bit of work and I don't have all the tools I really need to producing tons. So I found a fabulous vendor who is working with me to laser cut my work which means I can work a bit faster and customize pieces a bit more. This yellow birdie is one of the first new cut pieces which is made of painted acrylic and will be traveling to THE SHOP and available tomorrow at 10AM CST. I also have one birdie that will be customizable in the color of your choice in the shop too. Thanks for being so patient with me as I get everything rolling. It's a bit of work but it is all slowly coming together. Hope your weekends been happy!


  1. oh my!! how exciting. i love laser cutting. it's so clean and exciting to use. im excited what you're going to add.

  2. I love these, sandi! they're absolutely beautiful.


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