Wednesday, March 28, 2012



On Monday we had a bit of excitment at our home as our new swing set (the kiddos early bday gift) arrived! We decided a few months ago to get a new playset cause the older aluminum one, though still in good shape was kinda to small for growing toddlers. We visited Rainbow last month to hunt for a new playset and the kids were overjoyed at the warehouse as they played on everything. We placed an order to buy* this one (pictured above & below) but had to wait 3 weeks for it to arrived. We decided it best for us to let the pro's do the install at delivery. We have so much going on with the house and kitchen that we just figured it best for someone else to focus on it. Well, Monday was the day. At 9AM the man arrived, that's right just one man about our age built this thing. We (the mister and I) knew it would take a bit to set up, but little did the kids realize it would take all day (5 hours) to install before they could actually play on it. They were eager with excitement and constantly curious and questioning "is it done, can we play yet". They did a great job waiting it out and staying outta the way as their swing set slowly took form. You can see their puzzled little faces against the fence below as they question "ready, ready yet, time to play?" 5 hours is surely a long time when your 2 & 4 and you've been waiting what seems like forever to play on your new toy. By mid afternoon it was complete and then everyone jumped on it to try it out. My SIL showed the kiddos how to hang upside down by the trapize, I found myself with the kiddos in the clubhouse, my BIL played with my nephew (his son) on the tire swing, the mister rode the seesaw glider like a maniac (boy were they gliding really high!) with Wyeth and Penny practiced climbing the ladder and sliding the silde and was a pro in no time. We're so excited for our new swing set and have a feeling we'll now be spending A LOT of the Spring and Summer outdoors. Which is fine by me ;)

buy* - Some of you have already addressed to me "how much was that thing!?!" Honestly, it was a bit more than a bit, and if you really care or need to know you can email me directly. With that said, let me just point out, we are in no means rich or have oddles of money just laying around to buy things like this. If that was the case I would surely hand some out to all of you. We do however live in the land of plastic and financing.


  1. When I was a kid my childhood home just happened to "come equipped" in the backyard with one of those all metal playground style swing sets. My mother said that featured sealed the deal on the home for us and I can say if your kidlets are anything like me/my sister were you might have to pry them off the new toy every single day in summer :D

  2. Kate (Little Goose), oh yes they love being outside, spent the second day outside for 6 hours constantly playing on it. It's already being loved and getting great use ;)

  3. EEK! I love it! Can I come play on it? Also I love your son's Angry Birds shirt :)

  4. Your kidlettes are so darn cute. Looks like a lot of fun! (And a good way to keep them OUTSIDE!)

  5. thanks ladies! and caitlin come on over any time. and the angry birds shirt was suppose to be a bday gift but i couldn't hold off, he loves them. we're doing his bday with the birds for a theme ;)

  6. Love the new swingset - such an awesome birthday gift!!! And they look so stinkin happy. Love the picture of P & L in the tire. Too cute! We are actually having Anya's 4th birthday party at the rainbow showroom here in NC - they have a big party room with a monstrous play set. We've been debating a playset for about a year now, having a hard time deciding since our backyard sits in the sun ALL DAY and has no shade....or grass for that matter UGH

  7. For my 7th birthday (or thereabouts) my parents got me one of these. My birthday is in January, so I had to wait MONTHS to have it set up. My dad built it, and I helped by bringing him the different parts that I could carry.
    My little brother and I had so much fun on there. Many memories will be made.
    Knit, Nicole, Knit!


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