Thursday, March 01, 2012



Oh Lace how I love you! I love the fine detailed designs which can be achieved within lace work. I'm not to sure why I never owned any lace garments myself but I recently found this top and I am now even more in love with the idea of lace and may even have to go on a hunt to find some other tops. I glanced back thru posts and well, I guess I must have a small crush and didn't even know it. Enjoy!


  1. lace is lovely! i share your passion

  2. That lace necklace is beautiful! xo, rv

  3. Those are beautiful - I do love me some lace!

    I also saw your designs over at My Girl Thursday - those are incredible!

  4. um... like I said 'creative soul mate sister'! I adore lace.doily... anything! I tend to invent various d.i.y's just to encorporate them (feel free to peruse them here: )
    So many beauty ways to put them in our wardrobe.
    Mel ;o)
    needle and nest

  5. Love that lace top, and that hotel is gorgeous! Like you, I adore lace, but have very little of it in my wardrobe.. maybe something to try this spring. :)

  6. Love that hotel, that is totally bananas.

    And yayyy for Chantilly's giveaway! I shot out of bed to enter this morning, sure hope I win! :)


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