Thursday, March 15, 2012



So has it been sunny where you're at lately? The weather flipped a 180 on us and now it feels like Spring Summer! I'm not to sure what's happening and if the warm weathers going to last but it's making me want to be outdoors more so I keep popping outside over lunch breaks so get some fresh air. Yesterday I ventured over to a rundown parking lot, under a bridge for the highway, near the train tracks. I musta spotted a dozen trains coming in and out of the station, which was actually quite soothing to listen to while I took a few photos. The rhythmic clicking sound as they glided across the tracks was more or a calm than annoyance and I think I may actually hike back there to sit down and sketch one of these days. The architecture of the bridge I was under was amazing. A few years back I really started admiring architecture more and today I found myself in awe thinking about how all this effort goes into making something (this bridge) so huge and important which most times goes unnoticed. Do you enjoy looking at random architecture around you?
Red Dress : Thrifted
Black Cardigan : Target
Kitty Brooch
 : Handmade by me
Bracelet : Gifted from Mom
Tights : Gifted from Mom
Flower Clip : c/o Jenny
Shoes : Target

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  1. Sooo funky and pretty, the hair clip is gorgeous and the kitty clip, amazing! Red really suits you :)
    i used to live near some train tracks, people used to think it would be annoying hearing the trains but i found it reassuring and comforting to hear the trains passing by :)

  2. Love that bracelet - simple and so cute! You look great as always. I must learn how to thrift. Love you and miss you

  3. You look stunning! I love all the little elements you took photos of as well. That cat brooch is adorable.

  4. I love your outfits, you dress so beautifully!

  5. rach_t- i think living near a train would be fabulous! i doubt i could convince the mister of this ;)

    thanks freckle, i love that hair clip :)

    and many thanks sam, cazz & caitlin :)

  6. the red contrasts with your hair color sooo well!! love it!!


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