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So we've been in our home for a few more than a few years and every Spring I've told myself "change out those old yucky numbers with something more your style". Finally, last weekend, we got around to doing it. Here's out little demo on "how to". After our wood box was completed we followed the directions on the reverse label of the number packaging. Good Luck and enjoy!
Materials //
Depending on your box and size needed, your materials may vary some, but we used...
Scrap wood, your numbers, pencil, tape measure, level, saw, drill + drill bits, dozen screws

Above // Lay out your numbers on a piece of wood. After you have your template measured out, cut. We used our radial arm saw but you could use a handsaw and some sand paper. 

Below // We built a half box to mount the numbers on to. You could also just mount the number to the house which would have been a bit easier but with our home color we wanted them to pop! If you want to build the box like we made, you will need to make a 4 sided frame. Pictured below in the middle two photos (shown front and reverse). The extra little piece on the top we used to mount the box to the house. Tape your numbers to your box and using the positioning from the template provided drill the holes. After the holes, paint.
Below// Following the instructions provided on the packaging for the numbers we then used caulking and secured our numbers into the board. On the instructions this was how to secure them to the house. We didn't worry about the extra mess on the reverse side as no one will ever see it being mounted to the wall. We used that extra little piece (pictured above) to mount leveled to the wall prior to the box. Hung the box on top of it and then attached the box to it with a few screws on the top side.
Below // Before old numbers. Which mind you were gold when we moved in and quickly sprayed to black but not to sure why we never changed them out. And New numbers which are Oh so much cuter!!! Good Luck! :)


  1. Isn't it awesome what an amazing difference a little thing like house numbers can make? They look fantastic {& I love the style}

  2. I actually just made this change on my house too! I was watching some show on HGTV and they said "house numbers are the easiest way to change how your house looks in the front." I think they're right! It was such an easy project too and now every time I see them I feel proud! These are beautiful!!

  3. I love how modern and sleek this looks!

  4. Thanks ladies. I can't believe how much a difference just changing out the numbers made. Next is on to painting that front door. ;)

  5. Oooh,I really love the way these turned out! I am also going to be changing the HIDEOUS numbers on our house. We are getting a much needed outdoor facelift this spring/summer. I cannot wait!

  6. Wow, you have inspired me to try something new with ours. I hate them. They look a lot like your old ones…gold and boring! Thanks for sharing!!!!


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