Friday, April 13, 2012



It's been a bit busy over here, I won't lie, crazy may be a better word for it. I apologize if you haven't heard back from me via email or other messages as I'm trying my best to play catch up. I've been struggling to kick some type of cold/allergies which has left me feeling blah all week, and I musta needed some rest as I feel asleep on the couch last night during our date night (home movie rental) around 930 and then woke today at 7, ha! At home we're trying to get all of the kitchen back in order, it's coming but oh so slowly. I'm working on a handful of wonderful pup portraits and all these cute doggies I've been doodling really makes want another pup. But we're still going to wait a bit more, it's just not the right time yet. Wrapped up a few other custom orders, a tattoo design which I can't wait to see how it comes out. Not on me for someone else this is. The weathers been blah making outdoor time on that swing set a no go, so sad. Those kids are asking so nicely to play outdoors but the rain and sludge isn't helping. Soooo there's two balls of energy just bouncing off each other in the house, and doing a bit of jumping on beds when we're not watching. Sneaky sneaky indeed but as long as no one gets hurt. At work, I'm relocating to a new team which I'm super excited about this, but it's a bit of effort on my part as I'm packing things up, backing up files and physically moving desks. All in all life is busy, very busy. I'm so very happy it's Friday though cause now I'll have a few days to catch up on everything and get my cards in order. I didn't tell ya yet but I'm going to be having Fridays off from work to play catch up and spend more time with the fam. I'm pretty pumped about this, as we rearranged my schedule and come May first I'll be part-time! Make sure you do the same this weekend, get in some relaxing time and enjoy doing something you love! Take care and don't forget to get yourself signed up for the Bow Tie Giveaway ;)

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  1. That is really really awesome that you are going to be working part time! I'm sure that the Mister :) and W & P will enjoy having more time to spend with you. I can only imagine that free lance is going well for both you and the Mister to make this wonderful dream happen. Congratulations that is really awesome! Feel better too - love ya

  2. Yes, I could tell you were a super busy girl from all the crazy cool projects you've been blogging about! Thank you SO much for all the time you put into the tattoo. I'm having it done this Tuesday and I'm so excited!! Can't wait to share it with you!

  3. I hope the weather gets better for your kiddies. And congrats on going part-time! That is so exciting.


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