Tuesday, April 03, 2012


So some of you may be wondering, well what's going on with that kitchen update over there? I wanted to share where we're at so far. With any big project, in our case a whole kitchen remodel there is so much involved in it, that it requires a bit of waiting for things too. We're close, real close but still not done. The counters we ordered are commercial grade so they took anywhere between 4 - 6 weeks... we continue to wait, now into week 4 and still no word but fingers crossed someday soon now. Other than the counters, we have to figure out a backsplash (which will be tiled in August by my MIL when she comes to visit), a plumber to repipe ou4 drain line (we went from a double sink to a single) and finish off adding all the trim. The mister is going to build a booth for the corner of the kitchen so we'll have a little sitting nook when it's all done. I'm excited to see it all come together. We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen so it will be great to have it completed and what a huge difference it's made so far just to have the layout changed to an L shape. We agreed on a color and picked up our paint last week and the mister wrapped up one final coat last night. It's a nice light dusty aqua (pictured above, the April Mist) and if you're a Pantone person, like myself it's shade 5523 (correction updated i wrote the first number wrong ooops) ;) I'll share more when we're done but for now a few pics where we're at. Enjoy!


  1. ooooh, im loving the color!

  2. Love the color! Can't wait! :)

  3. I friggin love that refrigerator. Serioius appliance envy going on over here:)
    -Mandy Q

  4. looking good Sandi! Cant wait to see the finished pics! i cannot imagine what its like for ben who loves to cook having all this going on. Anticipation???? I'd be crazy for the fact that you have the kiddos and need kitchen time, for food and whatever! You two are amazing and those two kiddos are quite adaptable. guess they get it from the parents :) love you

  5. That color looks gorgeous!!! You have the cutest little helper too! Might have to have him come out and help me paint my house. :)

  6. Lovely minty color!


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