Monday, April 16, 2012



Well this weekend we took the plunge and finally decided it was about time to buy and iPhone. The mister and I had been holding off for a loooong time cause we just didn't want to change our phone providers plus we had a pretty low bill. We reevaluated the situation and with technology being ever evolving and us needing phones for more than just talk and text these days, we decided it was time. We love Apple products and knew we owned more than a handful but when we started counting up small devices and were shocked how many we've actually acquired over the years. Wowsiers, that's a few! We're still trying to figure out our new phones but now that we're mega geeks are there any apps you just can't live without? Happy Monday!

Top photo left to right + who owns what :
(B) iPod Photo 5th Gen // (B) iPhone 3G // (S) iPod Touch 4Gen // (P) iPod Nano
(S) iPhone 4G // (S) iPod Photo 2nd Gen // (W) iPod Nano


  1. welcome to the iPhone world.
    it was so nice to FaceTime with you the other day. :]
    hope you two enjoy your fancy new gadgets.

  2. Welcome to the iPhone family! We should FaceTime sometime! :)

  3. Yes! I love apps :)

    I recently discovered Shoebox which let's you scan hard copies of photos or posters (or whatever) in a jiffy with your iphone instead of having to mess with scanning it to the computer. It even accounts for angles if you can't get directly square to the image.

    I'm starting to get into GetGlue. You check in to movies, shows, books, music...great way to share & discuss pop culture.

    In the little spare time I have, my two fave games have become Draw Something & Temple Run. Both quite addictive.

    & of course there are the staples: Foursquare, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

    Have fun!

  4. Amazing collection you are. I love your apple collection. you just look like big fan of apple product's. well wonderful blog you have done. I loved it. thanks


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