Monday, April 09, 2012



Well Friday was "First Fridays" which I LOVE but honestly it's a pretty crazy day to thrift. People line up like people waiting to buy a sold out toy, for the antique shops to open. It's the BIG event each month for all the diehard antique seekers and silly to say I was among the mix. My SIL ventured out with me and the first shop we stopped at had a waiting line of over 300+! Yup you heard me right three hundred and this line wrapped around a few times before entering the building. Bonkers, indeed. Needless to say I found some cute items which were mini collections within themselves and todays Mini Collection is items I snatched up. My SIL scored (cough, cough, I'm pretty jealous of her oh so tiny feet at the moment) some awesome cowboy boots. Durning all the treasure hunting we stopped for a bite to eat from a Jerusalem Cafe food truck and boy was it tasty. The most awesome slight for the day though was surely the Super Beetle we spotted, take a look, I'm sure you'll get a good laugh too. The scissors (pictured above) are probably my all time favorite find for that day, I'm torn to keep or part with them. I was thinking they may look fun on display in a shadow box, but we'll see. Do you have any recent favorite thrifted items? Happy Mini Collections / First Friday Finds Monday! Enjoy!
Small collection of glassware and ceramics. We have a few of those character mugs spotted here.
I love vintage bow ties, you can't go wrong. Grabbed a handful of neutral ones to pair with
dresses or tops, plus found the yellow hair clip one below, near the bunny.
Left Side : yellow hair bow // vintage pillow case // vintage wall organizer // vintage bunny (seen here)
 Right Side : 5 of 6 of the vintage doilies. Snatched them up for photography styling options
And my little window helper. Isn't she so stinkin' cute. Ok so my opinion is partially bias due to I'm the mom but can I say, doesn't this face make you smile. I shot photos on the porch and she wanted to wave and press her face against the front window. ;)


  1. those bowties are so so so cute! seriously, epic find, lady!

  2. thanks kaelah, there were so many i had a hard time picking just a few may have to go back to find more for a fun giveaway ;)

  3. i haven't been to first fridays in awhile!! i need to go!

  4. Ooh, love the vintage wall organizer and everything in it! Lovely!

  5. Such great thrift finds. I love that bunny!

  6. I love that vintage wall organizer!!


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