Monday, April 30, 2012


I'm a huge fan of vintage porcelain plates. I have a small collection on display on our living room wall (above) and a few more hanging out in a curio cabinet and kitchen cabinets (which we use daily). I have not pictured all as this post would become quite lengthy but pulled some of the loves. Something about each of these patterns and color ways have always drawn me in. Each piece is a like a mini illustration in itself and I just can't help but buy them when I spot one's I love. We use a handful in our kitchen for serving purposes but the ones I really love are on display. That one I marked "fav" (below) is surely my most favorite found plate (well the kitty one's pretty cute too), the yellow & gray swirls by Homer Laughlin for Dura Print. Though the design is so simple I just find it so beautiful. Is it odd to collect plates? Do you have a small (or large) collection yourself? I hope your weekend was fabulous. I have a giveaway up at 9am, and you can get a sneak peek over on the right sidebar. See ya soon, Happy Monday!


  1. Cute! I especially love the set at the bottom & the couple in the middle! What characters! Such a nice little collection. I kind of wish I collected something cool like plates, I generally run across neat ones at yard sales!
    -Mandy Q

  2. I've been picking up plates here and there, though I don't have many at the moment, I can imagine within a couple years having quite a lot since little things add up around me D:

  3. It's definitely not odd to collect plates. Especially when they're as lovely as these! I love how you display them. I'm tempted to start collecting some myself to do that.

    I tend to collect lots of random things but I can never resist teacups (I have an obsession with off-centre, vintage Japanese ones). :)

  4. I love the couple on the horse a is remind of the time I worked at Russian Gzhel' Company. Great memories!


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