Tuesday, April 10, 2012



We have a few butterflies which love to float around our new play set. I'm not to sure what it is about this area in our yard but they love it. Miss P loves to tell them "Hi Butterfly" but on the other hand, she's not so sure of them. She loves other bugs (especially watching ants) and playing in the dirt, but last week as one was (her wording) "to close to face" flapping it's little wings and brushing right by her cheek she instantly went from happy kiddo to a terrified toddler which had seen a monster pop out of a closet. It's hard for her to comprehend they aren't attacking her face but I'm hoping she'll figure it out soon. I guess I'm the same was with spiders, those things are creepy. Are there any bugs which make you jump? Happy Take Ten Tuesdays!

Dish  //  Watercolor  //  3D Hole Punch  //  Tights  //  Top


  1. beautiful collection! I adore butterflies! That t-shirt is amazing.

  2. I love love the tights, and the 3D hole punch would be perfect for artsy projects.


  3. Awesome collection!! 3 is gorgeous!

  4. You must explain butterfly kisses to miss penny. I have some photos just taken at museum ofr science that i'll email you. They are attracted to scents.maybe the lotion you use. Mariah and i got kissed by some in the backyard last summer after putting oo coppertone after sun with hibiscus. I hope she wont be scared for long


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