Friday, April 13, 2012



That gorge!!! WOW, what a place! Doesn't it looks wonderful? The mister and I are excited that the kiddos are almost to a point to start planning some fun family vacations. My family traveled from time to time, but never out West. Where we live here in Kansas is the farthest I've ventured, so if I ever travel to Colorado (and mind you we will go there someday cause I want to see that Grand Canyon) I will surely have to stop here and ride that train. That dress from Modcloth is fabulous! To bad I always find items I love there and they are always sold out. And the necklace spotted via Etsy. Beautiful! So simple but so wonderful. I love minimalistic jewelry. Nothing bling bling in your face but attention to details and more natural tones are totally my thing. This one's definitely on my radar. Hope your week has been wonderful!  Happy Friday the 13th, and if you're superstitious, well I hope you have even more of a spectacular day!

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