Wednesday, May 30, 2012



Hello sweet friends hope you're day's going fabulous! Well yesterday marked my 2 year anniversary for my vintage etsy shop, AdaLou. And I thought and thought, and thought some more about how to have a fun little celebration in honor of this little vintage shop. I came to the decision that everything, starting today, would be marked to 50% OFF (coupon code HAPPYTWO) in the shop for the whole month of June! Yah, half off sale!!! Also with June being one of my oh so favorite months, there will be a few special giveaways in honor of my AdaLou shop (so keep your eyes peeled for a vintage treasure giveaway or two) and with all of your help from "vote for your giveaway" item (and you can still vote here) that you'll have a special handmade items from yours truly up for grabs too. I can't wait for June, I love Summer! I just wanted to take a sec to say how much I appreciate all of you support, either thru the blog, my shops, your sweet comments via twitter and instagram or the personal emails I get from everyone of you on a daily basis. It all makes my heart smile (and my face too). And as I come to an end and wrap up things for the Ric Rac Roundup Craft fair this weekend (if your KC please come join us all it's going to be awesome!) I've decided it's about time that the handmade shop gets updated with fun new items I've been making special for the show. There will be items popping into the Benandi shop in the following week. Items which seemed popular by demand and other's which I just truly love. I'll update you all here as I go and I promise not to be to crazy with the shop updates (they'll most likely be bundled as one post) but if there's something you've seen and are curious more about don't hesitate to email me as I always love replying and saying howdy to you too. Thank you again all so much and Happy Wednesday!


  1. Happy 2 years! I can't belive it's nearly June already but I'm looking forward to it too. Although, it will be winter here.

  2. Happy Two Year Anniversary!!


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