Monday, May 28, 2012



Todays collection is a doodled collection from a print I just finished up last week titled "Ladybug 29" hence the number of ladybugs doodled. Little ole bug number 29 is the special colored gem of the clan. Twenty nine has always been a lucky number for me and ladybugs are good luck icons in general so it only seemed appropriate for this print. I'll update you soon with some photos of our weekend adventure to Omaha, it was interesting to say the least. Happy Monday Mini Collection and have a wonderful and safe Memorial Day!


  1. Again I'm in awe of your amazing talent. I LOVE ladybugs AND your doodle. I HOPE you're going to be selling this print. It's awesome. Xo

  2. So cute! This one is definitely one of my top favorites!


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