Wednesday, May 23, 2012



I'm always looking for new music to listen to. The mister does an excellent job providing me with a new artist each week to get my fix. Last week Alabama Shakes was the band, and boy oh boy do I like them, scratch that, LOVE them! It's been on my playlist since Friday and I think I've listened it a dozen + times. I'm one of those people who loves to listen to music over and over and doesn't get sick of it, it's not for all (the mister hates this) but I could keep a good cd in my car for, oh, ya know, 3 months to a year... This is one of those cd's that may slowly disappear and become one with the car. I heard their music a few months back as a new and up and coming band to watch but couldn't recall their name and didn't hear them much after this. But with their recent cd release, they seem to be flying off the charts and I just love Brittany Howard's voice. I also heard word that if your in KC they will be preforming live this August for the Buzz Under the Stars along side Silversun Pickups, Garbage, FUN and more. What an awesome concert that I surely want to go to (hey mister, hint hint ;) ). Hope you enjoy them. Happy Wednesday!


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  1. NO way! Andy just bought their album last week. I'm so pumped you like them too! I'll have to give them another listen.

  2. Umm, yes!! Great post! I absolutely LOOOVE the Alabama Shakes!!

  3. They are by far my favorite thing that's happened (music wise) this year! They're quite amazing... glad to see they are getting some love!!

  4. Love hold on! since I first heard of them (like four months ago) I've had them on my top ten of the year.
    I've asked for their album in a music shop in Spain since it's very difficult to find it here. Can't wait to have it in my car and not only listening it via internet


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