Friday, May 04, 2012



Well let me first state that I occasionally thrift at Antique shop. Some people may roll their eyes to this but it can be done. The picture above and the recent lunch thrift run I did earlier this week (where some of you followed along via instagram, and thanks for saying hello) was at a local antique shop called River Market Antiques, which I love! I always get a good chuckle though cause the sign says while entering this fabulous 4 story building, mentions "vintage thrifts found here" but I'm not to sure who they are fooling because most items are not thrift price worthy. The items have to be so low, on a personal budget I set for myself, before I even decided to buy them. I do a lot of searching and memory keeping where items sit in the store. If I buy something big (50+) at the antique shop, 99% of the time this item is something I love that I plan to keep in my current collection (home) for a while. With this all said, it's a bit of work but you can surely thrift at the antiques... if and only if, you know your vintage and you really hunt for what you know. My friend, the sweet Miss Cedar kindly put it, "it feels like it's kinda cheating when you do it this way", and honestly it is and it sort of isn't. The dealer are usually pretty knowledgeable on big key items and items which seem to sell fast and are popular by shoppers. A good dealer will really know their thing and price accordingly, which it most often fair pricing that I can deal with. But others, well they are all about money and price items which seems cool (and may be totally not worth it) high and what seems blah and non valuable to them low. I won't go into great depths to explain what's what but if you know your vintage and what you love, you can surely score some amazing finds on an low budget. Items which are even hard to find items which have been passed over and loving looking to make their way into your basket. I won't lie, it take A LOT of looking, like maybe even 2 or 3 times back to the same shop to look. Items which are priced lower don't last and the right person who knows what they want will snatch things for a steal. The items below were some high and some lows. Like that chair I should go snatch but have no room for one more chair was $20 which is actually a great steal for this model. Any local KC people want to go grab this lovely? Maybe? But the 2 items I snatched that day and a 2nd glass not pictured were all loved and worth it to me. The vintage Avon bottle which I've seen online and never found locally I grabbed for 1.99 an the drinking glass was too cute to pass over at 2.99 plus a second different glass for 2.50 So if you hunt and don't give up, you can surely thrift the antiques. I'm off to lunch for a First Friday finds day with some pals, wish me luck! And if you want to follow along while I hunt I'll post via Instagram Good Luck my treasure hunters & Happy Weekend!!! :)
P.S. Just to so you know that Im not joking about thrifting an antique shop. And that you can find a great item for pennies, and no I will not be parting from it, I plan to hand it down to my kiddo when he is much MUCH older... there is this puzzle >> here. I knew what it was, and was shocked, more like had a heart attack when seeing it and tried to keep my cool that it was still in the store and brushed aside with random kids puzzles on the floor. But you can see more info here about it; but ours is a rare 1970's version, and lemme tell you, it was the best 20 bucks ever spent. ;)


  1. So many amazing pieces Sandi!! I love the little Avon doll!

  2. The chair is amazing and could easily be resold on CL! I find that I can thrift easily in antique stores. I can usually find a great deal, especially from those booths that deal more in moving things in and out instead of pricing them so they sit.

  3. There's totally nothing wrong with it. I do the same. With the prices in thrifts these days, there isn't much difference anyway. And I found that sometimes, you'll get lucky and antique store dealers will have something amazing but won't know what it is and will price it cheaply. I love the items that you've shown. :)

  4. <-- this totally made me think of you. Painting & Thrifting combined.

  5. I see like 15 things just in that picture that I want. I really need to check out thrift stores/antique stories here!

  6. Ack! The Catherineholm bowls! I'm a sucker for them!


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