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We had a busy birthday weekend for W and were constantly on the go, go, go. Saturday was his actual birthday so we did cupcakes and gifts this day, but Friday we (just the 4 of us) celebrated with a few fun outings in honor of him. This coming weekend will be just as packed as we'll be celebrating another (yup you heard me right, 2 birthdays in less than a week, no not planned this way) little birthday for miss P. A few pictures from our wonderful Friday. Stay tuned for part two, Saturday's celebration. Enjoy! :)
Started the day off right with a special donut's treat. then it was off to Nebraska FurnitureMart
(an nope it was wasn't in Nebraska) in search of a new big boy (twin size) bed. 
We found a bed (pictured above) and it's coming today, Tuesday! Woohoo! 
After this we popped outside to get some funny photos of the kiddos before jumping into the car and driving to our next stop, lunch. These two just crack us up. 
After all the bed hunting and silly pictures we were ready for lunch at the Trex Cafe. They (the kiddos) were a little freaked out by the animatronic dino at the door who greeted us with a loud "Groooowlll" so the host noticed this and kindly sat us in the back near some pretty fish to admire.
Love this wall, to the right of where we sat. The light above was equally impressive.
Isn't that hanging octopus amazing! It's floats above those clam shell shaped booths. So, so cool!
After eating we jumped over to the new Sea Life Aquarium. We were up in the air about going to the new LegoLand too but thought it may be too over the kiddos heads and we're pretty sure Penny would have been bored so we just did the Aquarium instead.
Now the Aquarium just opened here in Kansas City, and we have been eagerly waiting to go; but it's not at all what were were expecting. Glad they had some cute sea life critters so it wasn't a complete disappointment in my opinion, but being from the East Coast and seeing some huge aquariums elsewhere I guess we just expected a bit more. Kinda can't blame them though being land locked an all. If ya know what I mean. But at least the kiddos really loved it! Especially Wyeth :)
That photo above is blurry, I know this, but I loved it. Penny and the mister (right side green tee) walking thru the tunnel below the baby shark tank. Liked the double exposure which was a happy accident. On exiting the Aquarium, like any small attraction you pop out in some type of gift shop. Which I wish could be avoided at times but needless to say it wasn't and someone spotted something with a quick comment of "Look at that, I just need to have those Legos!" We didn't come home with any because that wasn't on the agenda for the day, but I guess we'll be going to LegoLand in the near future.
Thanks for looking thru my photos. Stay tuned for Part 2


  1. Looks like Wyeth had the perfect birthday weekend! I really want to go to that dino place! Hahaha! I love places like that. Hope he loves the new bed.

  2. Wow ! What an super packed weekend. How wonderful for Wyeth. Also, that picture of you and Wyeth in the bubble is great.

  3. thanks ladies (anna and nicole) :)


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