Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Day one of Wyeth's mini celebration weekend was going out and doing a few fun things (seen here) together but day 2, was his actual birthday so we celebrated with some cards, gifts and sweet treats at home. We (the mister and myself) spent the night prior decorating and baking. The dining room was transformed to surprise him (and miss P too) with some silly Angry Bird's who decided to join us for a day full of fun. 
Making the Cupcake Skewers // 
I found a bunch of images searching google for "angry birds". I took the ones I loved and then compiled them on a sheet and omitted the backgrounds so they were all on white.  I printed out a few sheets and then used a circle punch. The mister then taped a toothpick to each to make these little cupcake screwers. If you'd care for my compiled file to make them yourself you may freely use them by clicking and downloading here and here.  
W was generously gifted some Angry Birds goodies from both sets of grandparents, a special watch (pictured above) from the misters Momo (W's great grandmother) which has a great story behind it, so we felt very lucky to receive this and it will be cherished and cared for until he's a bit older to understand about it and a few other items from other family (thanks all!). Our big gift to both kiddos had been the swing set a month prior. Miss P gave W a vintage transformer (named Sixshot) though which he hasn't put down since. Of course I forgot to take a photo of this, ha!
All in all it was a relaxing, stay at home, play with toys, kinda day. It was fabulous to say the least. Which we ended it playing real life Angry Birds and happily bopping each other over the heads with these fun paper cut out balloons. Happy Wednesday!  


  1. Happy birthday sweet little boy!!! beautiful pictures Sandy and great job!

  2. How adorable. I had an Angry Bird party for my son as well, and it was such a hit. Everyone loves Angry Birds. :) You did a great job with everything!

  3. Oh happy birthday!!!!!!! Geez, this balloons are seriously epic stuff. I'm tempted to do something similar for my husband's birthday :P

  4. Such a fun birthday! Happy birthday to him :)


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