Sunday, June 24, 2012



Hello sweet friends, hope your day is wonderful. Today I'm excited to announce that starting this July, the AdaLou Blog with happily start offering sponsored advertisements for each month. I had been waiting a while before finally decided how to offer this package, because I truly want this to be a positive experience for everyone involved (both you and I together as a team) and I really want to focus on promoting you and your business. With this said there will be limited ad spaces each month here on the blog, with the hopes that no ad will ever get over looked. I would never want you to feel like your unappreciated here on the blog or known by a number if you will, because you truly are so much more than this and because of you, my blog has become a positive blogging experience for me and a great source of support. It's all about giving back and helping each other grow, right?! Yes, it surely is!

The new advertising options I am happy to offer will be located on the right side of this blog, which there is actually a blog refresh for the next month of July, so there are new ad sizes to follow this. There will be one large ad large space per month at $10, and a limited amount of regular ad spaces for $5. To learn a bit more about what I am offering within each sponsored packages please click to read here.

I also wanted to take a sec and mention that in months prior, I've hosted personal swaps and friends here on my sidebar of my blog. These lovely people will happily move to my "Link Love" page or to the the "Rotating Favorites" column. These people have been such a huge inspiration to me and offered such support that they are all worth saying hello to if you are looking for some new friends yourself. I want to thank all of you for your continued support of the AdaLou blog, its always so appreciated more than you know. I hope you have a fabulous week ahead of you. :)

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