Friday, June 08, 2012


Maybe you already know of todays artist, Megan Eckman, but if you haven't met this talented lady yet, well she's been ever so sweet to share a little interview as she's gearing up to release her newest book, "How to Outsmart Tea Pirates (and other useful sailing tips)". First off how cute is Megan?! Super cute right! I love her style and adorable little sailors hat. Hope you enjoy the little interview, here we go...

San Jose, California

Name of your new book
How to Outsmart Tea Pirates (and other useful sailing tips)

Tell us a bit about you book
This is a book for everyone who read Harry Potter, even though they would have graduated from Hogwarts long ago. It’s a book for those who love quirky humor, Edward Gorey’s pen and ink drawings, and are a kid at heart. It combines tea pirates, wallpaper that eats stuffed animals (don’t worry, it’s vegetarian), and a seagull food dispute. I’ve fused together my masterful pen and ink drawings with vibrant short stories, punny poems, and some beautiful full-page spreads of work you’ve never seen. I have put all of my magic and humor into it so that you can have a special book that makes you smile no matter how bad the day.

When will your new book be out 
Pre-order runs until June 20th, with the official release coming July 1st. I'm signing every pre-order copy and including one extra 'sailing tip'. The pre-order cost is $25.

Where can we order your new book
You can purchase the book on my website at

Can you tell us anything else about your book
Right now, there's a sneak peek at the 'Hungry Purple Wallpaper' up on my site. You can read the story and see the accompanying illustration. You may all check it out here.

Where else can we find you Megan
BLOG  //  WEBSITE  //  FACEBOOK //  TWITTER (@studiome)

Thanks so much Megan for sharing your new book with us and Best of Luck! If you want to go grab your own copy of her cute new book "How to Outsmart Tea Pirates (and other useful sailing tips)" visit Megan over at Studio MME to pre-order your copy.

I'm working really hard typing out info and shot photos for a little planned shop update for this Monday, keep your eyes peeled it's coming. Happy weekend sweet friends ;)


  1. This book looks amazing! I'm going to have to pick it up for Logan! Thanks so much!

  2. Thank you so much for your nice words, Nicole. :D

  3. This looks so awesome! Anything with pirates and I'm there...:) Love Megan's work!


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