Wednesday, June 20, 2012


I really enjoy these illustrations and the stylized look of British illustrator & designer, Robert Balls. I first came across his work a while back while hunting for comic book illustrators and found his ever so popular posters of the 50 Baddies and 50 Goodies which showcased 50 bad & good characters. They're pretty amazing little doodles of head shots which were surely the coolest! You can see a sneak peek of these below and a few other pieces which I loved. Especially the one above titled "Scarlet Witch" something about that one I just love. Click on over thru the links below to enjoy the rest of Robert's works. 
Image Sources Above
Scarlet Witch  //  Batbloke  //  Thing  //  Lennon  //  Starr  //  50 Baddies  //  50 Goodies

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  1. AH OMG!!!! Super heros, sci-fi movies and pop culture icons. Not to mention John and Ringo!

    YUP, Totally fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing :D


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