Wednesday, June 20, 2012



Just wanted to share a few custom pieces I recently wrapped up. There's the lovely Maria from over at Little Tree Vintage, sweet Carly from over at Miss Teacups and the cutest of kitty's, Kong, who's owner will hopefully be in for a surprise today as she's yet to see her little kitty all doodled up, but I'm hoping she'll love it. Did you see I'm giving away a custom doodle (link to the right hand sidebar of the blog) and I'd really love to doodle up something special for you so make sure to go and get signed up before it ends next Tuesday the 26th. Hope you all have a fabulous Wednesday! I'll be back in a bit with an all new artist to share.


  1. cats who wear bandannas are the coolest cats, in my opinion!

  2. All of these are gorgeous, but that one of Kong is super amazing!

  3. These are super cute, Sandi!!

    I too love the cat. Reminds me of my Minvera(named after Mcgonagall of course!)

  4. I love this so much! It's so nice to see it on a big screen. So much detail. Thank you so much again Sandi! I cannot wait to frame it.


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