Monday, June 04, 2012



Happy Monday friends! Hope your weekend was wonderful. Ours seemed to have flown right by but that's ok, it was still so enjoyable. I'll have a few pictures to share later this week of the Ric Rac Roundup from yesterday, but if you're on Instagram you can see a few of them on my profile or tagged under #ricracroundup. For todays mini collection though I wanted to share my embroidery floss box... which I've had since, um, High School (which was over a dozen plus years ago). I use it from time to time for various small projects, but mostly it enjoys a nice seat on a shelf in my supply cabinet. I use to make tons of different friendship bracelets (like the one down below) and was thinking maybe I'll have to start that up again. I'm sure the kiddos would appreciate a colorful bracelet of their own. So how did I end up witha  floss collection (don't worry you don't have to answer that one) but do you own an embroidery floss collection? Did you or do you enjoy making friendship bracelets? Hope you're weeks happy!


  1. I do have a floss collection, it is not all nice and neat wound up and in an organizing box like yours though. But I have a lot of it and used to make bracelets and recently found some reasons to use a bit of also just sits among my supplies :)

  2. I have a floss collection as well - organized not too differently than your own! I used to use it for friendship bracelets as well, and it's helpful to have an array of colorful thread for different projects. I also love to use it to make bookmark tassels.

  3. I have a metal bucket full of embroidery floss... absolutely no organization, just dig until you find it! I used to embroidery song lyrics on vintage scraps, i can't believe i did it without trying to find some sort of organizational technique!


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