Monday, June 18, 2012



So I own a rather large collection of bracelets; but do to the fact you can only where one or maybe two at a time I don't get around to wearing all the fancier ones I'd love too style. But bangles... I can always where bangles. I've slowly acquired this collection over a period of years. Some from friends, some spotted at a thrift store at the bottom of a misc. junk basket and 2 where even scored from a lovely older lady at a church rummage sales. I love how simple and practical they are but then paired with something dresser they have a whole new feel. With bangles I can wear a handful plus and not feel that my arm is over done. Do you wear/own any bangles? Happy Monday sweet friends!


  1. I love bangles! One of my favourites, a little silver one, recently snapped and I've been feeling 'naked' without it ever since.

    You collection is wonderfully colourful! :)

  2. Isobel has an impressive collection of thrifted bangles. She's really good at spotting bakelite, actually!


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