Monday, June 25, 2012



I have a thing for vintage enamelware. I just love it! And these pieces are just one part of a much large collection of Cathrineholms ware which we oh so adore and have on display in our home. Three had been scores from Ebay, one was a trade (the blue one) with another collector and the small green one I was lucky enough to find locally for a decent price. Though they are on display (in the curio or on the wall) most of the times, we do however pull them out for parties or special occasions. I'm still on the hunt for a few other rare colors, I would love to find the black or yellow one. Fingers crossed for them someday. The red looking one is actually a dark orange but it seems to photograph darker and redish. Do you collect random plates too? Cathrineholms ware? I hope your weekend was wonderful! If you didn't see from yesterday I am taking a few more lovely sponsors for the month of July, and the custom illustration giveaway ends tomorrow (Tuesday) so hurry to get yourself signed up if that's something you'd care for. Happy Monday! :)


  1. What an impressive collection, I love Catherine Holm pieces and they look so cool all together like this. I bet they make an amazing display in your home. Good luck finding the other colours!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I love the colors :)

  3. Lovely!! I absolutely adore vintage enamel plates. I have a bunch at home at well, though no where near as pretty as yours!

  4. i love cathrineholm, too. i have a striped bowl that's black and white. i'd love to fine a black lotus bowl and black lotus tea kettle.

  5. I LOVE these! They're so pretty! Great colours, too!


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