Monday, June 11, 2012


Well todays mini collection is a doodled one, which I'm loving. I have been on a mushroom kick lately since we've been spotting them pop up in our yard a lot. I'm thinking it's due to the watery weather, but I could be wrong. Did you know there's like a gillion type of mushrooms out there though? Who knew, I surely didn't. If you're thrown for a loop by the word "mycologist" it's the term, for mushroom expert. But I'm no mushroom expert, though I've researched the one's I truly love. I've been doodling them for a while now and finally decided on a little collection print for all of these lovelies. There's a shop update this morning and this one just may happen to be over there too. Happy Monday, hope your weekend was wonderful. :)
Spotted by the boy in our back yard last week. Aren't they fabulous!


  1. I'm mad about mushrooms (we don't get them here in the UK til later in the season, though lord knows it's been wet enough recently!) so I absolutely love your drawings. We go collecting them in late summer/autumn. My boy loves finding edible ones - we've been on a course so we know what's safe and what isn't - but I just like identifying them. They're so strange and beautiful. x

  2. Love this Sandi! You're very talented.

  3. I have to say this might be my favorite doodle of yours so far. I love it!


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