Friday, June 08, 2012


Back in March I was asked if I would help with a special giveaway over on My Girl Thursday. Of course I said yes and was honored to be chosen from so many talented artist. The giveaway was for one lucky reader to win a free tattoo and I offer my doodling skills up if they wanted a custom piece. Amazing and super generous giveaway, right?! Either way, like I said, I was honored when the giveaway winner, Miriam, choose me to help with a custom illustration for her first ever tattoo design. It was a special piece in honor of her mother and we worked thru things carefully to get the illustration just right. I wanted to share my doodle and a picture of sweet Miriam's new ink. You can read all about Miriam's story on her blog here and the giveaway entry on My Girl Thursday here. She has shared her personal tattoo photos over on her Flickr here and a little follow up post after her tattoo here. Enjoy and happy weekend!
Photos are all courtesy of Miriam Ellis & illustration by Sandi Devenny ©2012


  1. Ooh, I love seeing these again, Sandi! You did such an amazing job and I keep the original drawing around just to look at. :) On the advice of my tattoo artist, we went with a different shape, but I think it turned out quite "boxy." When I go back, I think I'll ask her to add some more leaves to soften up the shape.

    Thank you so so much! I'm sure it would not have turned out nearly so well without your expert artistic eye. :)


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